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Moving Contact From Old Cellphone To Android

new cellphone? The most exhausting thing was when I had to move your contacts from the old to new. Moreover, when the contact list stored in phone memory.

Using google contact

The easiest way is to contact the help of google.

The advantage is using google-contact are:
Every time you add new contacts, edit or delete a contact, automatically the changes are also stored in the server-contact google.
so if you reinstall or install a custom rom in your cellphone, wherever your cellphone is lost, your contact list will not be lost, and contacts are always updated. however, it does not mean this method requires a mode ofA? “always on the internet”, the process of updating / syncing it’s just running at the time sync to your google account .

Using Pleex

Another way is to install “Pleex”.
These are the steps:

  • Of cellphone do you access through your mobile browser to “”.
  • Then download the application, register and login (free),
  • Install the application that you have downloaded,
  • Open the application, then go to the backup contact.
  • After all contacts have been save in A?server,
  • Through Pc open , website.
  • Login with a cellphone number that you already register …
  • In “my account” A?at the top panel, then choose “select all contacts” (there under, small writing),
  • Select all, then in the left panel select export to google, there will be asked to log in your google account. the advantage of Pleex is support one contact with multiple phone numbers.
  • When a contact is saved in google contact, the next step to do sync your google account in the cellphone.
  • Go to settings, and then choose the account and sync.

This way is easier than having to move the contact data one by one manually and this particular cloud-computing model, data is backed up on servers google, android gains here will be visible.

if you want to add new contacts, to do through your google account, only then do the sync so that the contact is also stored in your cellphone.

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