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Prevent Error At Copy Data From Old To New SDCard

Here some other problem in android, failed when copy data from old SDcard to new one. Logically, copy data from one to another is just simple as copy paste.

But it`s become different case when user use applications such as link2d or other similar application and place core application in SDcard. Sometime copy error also can occur when data came from other device.

Here`s some basic tips to prevent copy error

  1. Insert new SDcard to device
  2. Do format SDcard from that device, it will make new folders inside new SDcard
  3. Copy data from old SDcard and overwrite new SDcard (PC recommended)

Already do basic tips but application cannot run / error?
it`s should be no problem for application that not require installation (just copy paste). But for games or apps that move to SDcard it`s need another trick. You`ll need card reader that connect to device with OTG as connector. Copy directly from old SDcard to new SDcard using Android OS.

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