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Unbrick LG Optimus One



  • Download LGMDP
  • Download and extract CWM Recovery
  • LG Driver
  • Disable LG Virtual Modem at PC/Laptop


How to unbrick LG Optimus One

  1. Turn on the LG Optimus One with hold and press Volume[+] + Back + Power Buttons to boot in emergency mode.
  2. Connect the Optimus One to PC / Laptop
  3. Run LGMDP.EXE
  4. Click ‘Select Port’
  5. When Optimus One is detected, a new windows will appear, select the device then Connect.
    If your device is not detected, try to
    • shake it
    • reconnect with plug and unplug the cable
    • remove the battery and put it back then try to boot in emergency mode
    do this until the device detect.
  6. Another new windows will appear, click browse at image folder then select the CWM Recovery extract folder.(an error dialog box will pop up twice, but it`s not disrupt the process )
  7. Close window (don`t click ‘start’ button, just hit the X at top right corner), then click download at LGMDP main page
  8. Wait until the process is done
  9. If the process is success the LG optimus One will reboot to recovery mode.

Download Support Files

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