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Fast & Furious: Adrenaline HD APK+DATA

Dominate the underground street racing scene!

The ultimate chapter of Fast and Furious takes you to LA to defend you turf and conquer territories by winning underground street races! This is the only official mobile game of the ultimate chapter from the Fast and Furious franchise. (Suitable for NexusOne and other devices with screens 480×800 or greater)

Win in street races and protect their turf with over 35 stunning 5 vehicles in different places! Extend the challenge in multiplayer mode! A brand new mode Turf Wars throws players into a bright and fast racing scene. Join one of the four Los Angeles bands (including a team Dominic Toretto and Brian O'Connor and grab territory, winning the race. Protect your sphere impact from attacks! Choose carefully among the many ready-made cars and win new cars for your garage! Each car its unique design (body kits, color, etc.), features (speed, acceleration, drift, etc.). You will have to fight on dangerous roads against reckless and determined opponents. Defeat every square inch of the city: In the center, suburbs, on the beach and Industrial fields, including brand new night tracks. New physics collision allows you to cause real damage to objects, such as traffic cones or barriers! Challenge yourself in 5 different customizable races: Road Race, Cop Chase, race against time, the Battle with Bosses and the Race to the Top. Remember: choose your cars wisely for each race! Compete against your friends in multiplayer mode for Bluetooth / Wi-fi.

Playing for devices with screens of 800x480 and more on smaller screens sawed-off only on the menu in the race rules wink

The path to the cache: / Android / data /
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