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Super AppLock (App Protector) v1.2.5


Super AppLock is a Smart App Protector/Locker that will protect applications using a password or pattern!
✔ Supper AppLock will give application lock using a password or pattern!
✔ Supper AppLock will let you lock screen brightness, lock screen rotation for any individual app!
✔ Supper AppLock will let you add password protection to phone calls, requiring one to enter a password or pattern before he/she can dial or receive calls on your phone.

All Features:
* Protect installed apps using password or pattern!
* Support PIN lock and Pattern lock!
* Set and lock different screen brightness, rotation setting for each individual app!
* Whitelist location, auto deactivate lock at whitelisted location!
* Lock hours, only activate lock at certain date and time!
* Customize lock screen's color, background and design!
* Apply different themes to lock screen! Support GO keyboard and many other keyboard themes!
* And much much more!

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