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Androidpedia The General Term Android
Androidpedia The General Term Android

apk : android package, like on iphone (for iphone user), sisdi symbian s60, or a jar in mm (for user bb) and other java based devices .. In essence, file2 with extention. Apk can be used to install applications on android device ..

Brick (ed) : condition where the device is not able to be recovered, so it can be regarded as a brick (brick) that can be used to ngelempar dog (if needed) ..

Adb : command in android created by the command bridge pc .. for including adb shell command adb extension part .. there are a lot bro, like adb push, adb pull, adb adb install etc. ... requirements can adb could road = of drivers adb must have been already mounted in pc ... usually in device manager (windows) akan visible Andoid adb compositing device, driver adb usually from vendor maker device's .. kalo nexus, htc magic, dream could disposable driver congenital usb ... for motorola milestone could from the cd original or disposable motorola software update ...

Adb.exe : can be taken from the sdk (dah include didlm android sdk) .. in the folder tools, to determine the function can by typing adb command "adb help"

adb shell logcat : make that happen diandroid know the process, very useful when flashing rom experiment ...

Imap : internet message access protocol, a protocol other than pop3 email to retreive = pop3 post office protocol 3, one protocol tcp / ip port 110 in the draw email

widget : a gui application that is more interactive

gui : graphical user interface, application interfaces that are more graphic (picture?)

gms : google services market, where download aplikasi2 on android (kayak store in iphone apps, appworld in bb)

root : super user in any os (in this case android) nge-root = privilage process of changing from a normal user to become root

apps2sd : process move / save apps to the sdcard in addition to the internal memory,

 AOSP : android open source project,

boot : turn on the handheld,

bootloader : combined spl and ipl which became the basis of a device,

bootloader mode - fastboot load : power + camera button, the boot mode, we can install a system image that is / sdcard put on by pressing the power button again,

cache2sd : process of moving / storing cache from rom to sdcard,

diagnostic mode : button + power capture. Boot mode to test (use the volume keys to select an item),

normal modes : normal mode switch on the handheld,

ota : Over the water, a method transfer data, it is usually dipake pd activity update (download any other term),

recovery mode : home + power button, the boot mode, we can open the shell .. to flash image .. make backup and restore. Sign

safe mode : The menu key + power, handheld boot normally but without registration with google, meaning aplikasi2 associated with not going to work (maps, gmail account, market, etc.)

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