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V6 Supercharger For LG Optimus L7

This tutorial is suitable with firmware v10i that already deodex, using other firmware will only get 50% result.


  • Root LG Optimus L7 with firmware v10i deodex
  • Installed ScriptManager or Terminal Emulator (or other similiar app)
  • Download

LG Optimus L7 V6 SuperCharger

  1. Extract and copy to device
  2. Copy copy to device
  3. Run ScriptManager, choose “browse as root
  4. Open SuperCharger_Starter_Kit_RC12 extract folder
  5. Open, remember the skull icon must green (root)
  6. When the question “hit the gas?“, answer “yes”
  7. Next, answer “yes” for install busybox, subinary and zipalign
  8. Answer “yes” for launcher
  9. Set scrolling speed as you like
  10. Choose “Rock Hard“, for kernel & virtual memory tweak
  11. Miscellanous Tweaks & 3G Enhancements, answer YES
  12. In services.jar process select Automatic for transmission
  13. Wait until it`s ask for reboot, then reboot
  14. Done

As default, v6 supercharger will run manually but if you want to make it automatically run use RootManager go to /data and run, click Su and Boot

Do With Your own Risk

Download Support Files

check for update

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