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How To Makes SDcard Work Faster?


  • The phone must already root
  • Busybox application
  • etc/init.d folder is must!

How to makes sdcard works faster

  1. Use Rootexplorer to extract and copy script sdcard boost (83read_ahead_kb) and paste those file to etc/ini.d folder. If you cannot paste the file, click “Mount R/W” button at right top corner in root explorer, change it to “Mount R/O”
  2. go to /sys/devices/virtual/bdi/179:0/read_ahead_kb, open using text editor. If the value is 128, change it become 2048. then save it (menu->save)
  3. Lauch SD_Speed_Increase 1.5(i assume that you already install this application), change the value from 2048 to boot
  4. reboot the device
  5. Launch bencmark application, do bencmark test and see the result
Do With Your Own Risk

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