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Real APK Leecher Without ID Device - Software Download APK File From Play Store To Your Desktop

Android is an open operating system for a global, evidence is scattered many apps and games for your dimana.surely Android mobile phone users are familiar with the Android Market (now called Play Google) where you can download a variety of applications and games that millions love to ada.Namun once installed must be downloaded through the Android phone itself. 

There is a way that allows you to take raw files (.APK) of through the computer, so that the file can be distributed to users teman_teman mobile OS Android. 

  • Mobile with Android OS
  • Google Account that you use on the mobile phone (only one account is allowed on the mobile phone)
  • of course, a computer with internet connection.
How to: 

  • Download and extract the APK file Real Leecher.exe ( download )
  • Enter your E-Mail ID and its password with Android your mobile phone (press * # * # 8255 # * # * to know the Android ID)
  • Of course, the file storage folder. APK later
  • Save and find the application you want, then will appear according to your search
  • To download the application please highlight to right-click the application and select "download this app"
  • The download process will take place
  • Once the download is complete please check the file in the folder you specify
Note: Remember to use your google account on Android phone that is the same ID, if you are using another google account then you will not be able to use this method. 
Note: the author is not responsible if your google account banned by Google, because these actions are actually illegal.

Are you confused with the Device ID on your phone?
Or you do not have a gmail account to be included in this application?

Take it easy, here I include Real APK software Leecher Without Device ID or gmail account, just simply run the application and then can be downloaded.

a lot of requests and problems concerning failure to download (many errors on the Android ID column).
Therefore I will give you all the software Real APK Leecher without entering your Google account and Android ID.
Formerly please read carefully:

  • Do not change any of the contents of software and file downloads later
  • Google Accounts for Real APK Leecher is software I created just for you all, so please do not be misused
  • ID Android phone using Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-S5570I
  • If you want to copy and paste articles and software Real APK Leecher please include source

Note: If any of these abuses that I got a warning from the Google or Google account dibannednya then reluctantly I had to turn off the software (Android Device ID will I use to use another Google Account)

If you understand please download here

How to use:
  • Download and extract files Real APK
  • Real Run APK Leecher.exe
  • Enter the name of the application or game you want to search
  • After your search results appear, click the right select "Download This App"
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