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Maximizing Android battery life

android lowbatt

For a new addicted android user, battery life became a serious issue. At default setting, Android need more power than it should be. So, we must make new adjusment to our Android.

  1. Adjust screen brightness

    Change your screen brightness can save a lot of power. Change brightness level to lowest acceptable level.

    • Go to Setting
    • Select Display
    • Choose brightnes
  2. Disable WiFi when you don`t use it

    Turn On WiFi in non Wifi / hotspot area makes our phone at always searching state and it will consume our battery life span. Turn Off the Wifi

    • Go to setting
    • Select Wireless & Network settings
    • Turn Off Wifi
  3. Disable Bluetooth when you don`t use it

    If you don`t use wireless headset, there is no reason you turn on the bluetooth. Just turn them off.

    • Go to setting
    • Select Wireless & Network settings
    • Turn Off bluetooth
  4. Disable Application that sync constantly

    Push E-mail and social networking require connection that means need looking for nearest Wifi or using a sim card. If it`s not to important to get constant update, do manualy or set sycn less.
    For email:

    • Open Email Application
    • Go to Account setting
    • Change Check Email Frequency

    For social network it`s almost same with email, just change the refresh interval/update interval

  5. Disable GPS location

    Not only for navigation, application like twitter or weather using gps too. This will suck your battery.

    • Go to setting
    • Select Location & security setting
    • Turn off GPS satellite (when you dont need it)
  6. Disable Animated Wallpaper

  7. Disable Unused Home screen Widget

  8. Disable or remove unecessary applications

  9. Keep Battery from heat

Additional Note:
Some people suggest using Airplane mode, it`s okey that if you want no body to bothering you. In Airplane mode not only Wifi and bluetooth had been turn off, but also prevent in and out going call or message.
And absolutely not to using task killers

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