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Make Applications Installer APK From Installed Applications

This tips is different with backup all application in your android, use nandbackup for it.
Here`s the case, You buy application from market and want to make backup so you don`t need to buy again next time if you want to install it again.

First, you need go to android market (google play) and search for “AppSaver” or follow this link. It`s a free application.

Next, Download and install those application in your phone.

Launch the AppSaver application. You`ll see all application is check, don`t panic … it`s still gray. Mean you need to make it green to active. Now select / check application(s)

Click “Backup” to start make installer process. Wait until save confirmation come up.

Where is the Backup Installer?
Backup Installer can be found in SDcard at AppSaver folder (default folder from AppSaver), you can keep it there or place the installer in another place.

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