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Block Google Ads on Applications & Browser Android


  • Download RootExplorer
  • Download and extract
  • Root Android device

Block ads in android applications and browser

  1. Go to extract folder
  2. Connect android device to PC/Laptop
  3. Copy the hosts extract folder to device
  4. Remove android device from PC/laptop
  5. Launch RootExplorer
  6. go to /System/etc
  7. Find and rename hosts file (ex: from host to host.old)
  8. go to hosts extract folder (step 3)
  9. copy hosts file from those folder to /system/etc
  10. close RootExplorer
  11. Reboot

ads in androidno ads in android

Remove ads from android applications and browser

Another way to prevent android ads is using application that you can find in android market. Application such as AdFree or AdAway is recommended too.

Download Support File

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