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Foursquare 2012.11.12

- Help messages shown when location providers are turned off during checkin.
- Photo attributions
- New app icon. +Added option to remove friend from user page
+Click 'last seen' header on user page to go to checkin details
+Photo gallery fixes for devices running Honeycomb. Foursquare helps you explore the world around you.
Keep up with friends, get insider tips, and unlock discounts and rewards. While on the go, you can easily tell friends where you are, share pictures, get their comments ("I'm right around the corner, I'll stop by to say hello"), and get insider tips ("order the Lobster Ravioli; it's the best dish by far.").
Tons of places offer discounts and freebies to foursquare users, and you earn points and badges for doing the things you love. Have fun exploring!
Recent changes:
+Added five new languages: Indonesian, Korean,Portuguese, Russian, Thai. Latest version: 2011.08.31 (for all Android versions,supports App2SD)

Download Foursquare 2012.11.12 Apk
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