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5 Powerful Tips to Overcome Memory Full On Android Phones

Memory is full or nearly full always lead to slow performance of your Android phone, crashes and errors in any system. With the vast computing power, current smartphone is certainly not immune from the issues associated with excess memory. Good memory management begins with understanding how your phone works and what will make it perform below expectations.

Learn how memmoori on your phone so you can avoid the problem of fullness memori.Telepon with lots of memory to spare will always run more smoothly.
  • See Memory Usage
  • Power on your phone and navigate to the Home Screen.
  • Go to the tab "Applications", then tap "Settings.
  • Click "SD card & phone storage." You see the readings are available in the phone memory and memory card available from any memory effect.
5 Ways If Memory Mobile Android You Fullness

1.Restart Android phone at least once a day to ensure peak performance. Hold down the power button to turn off the phone, wait a few moments, and then press the power button again to turn on the phone. Restart is the quickest and easiest way to shut down unnecessary processes running in the background.

2.Clear your search history, browser cache and temporary Internet files regularly. If you use your phone primarily for Web browsing, then clean this area will certainly sharpen the phone's performance.

3.Move images and video to an external device to the SD Card. Video files are large and may disrupt the phone memory.

4.Change settings for automatic deletion of text and images. The default is 200 texts and 20 picture messages, but you can reduce.

5.Uninstall programs that you no longer use. Removing unwanted wallpaper, widgets or song.
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